Casino gaming proposals held

TRENTON – Proposals that sought to allow for temporary casinos and gambling at the Meadowlands Complex for the 2014 Super Bowl were held from an Assembly panel today.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr., (D-33), chairman of the Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee, announced during Thursday’s hearing that the proposals would be held for lawmakers to review “some technical issues.”

It was not immediately clear when the proposals would be reintroduced.

ACR160 proposed a constitutional amendment authorizing temporary casinos at the Meadowlands Complex. Similarly, A3266 would permit temporary casino gaming at the Meadowlands Complex for the 2014 Super Bowl.

“We want to have discussions on a more comprehensive [measure],” Ramos said to reporters in a brief statement prior to the committee convening.

“We’re holding the bill today for further discussion,” he said, suggesting a “more comprehensive” approach could include swiping language from the proposal that would provide only for temporary casinos.

Gov. Chris Christie has long insisted that gambling and gaming efforts should focus on Atlantic City, where the administration is working to revitalize the area and boost tourism.

However, several northern New Jersey lawmakers have championed the cause of gaming in the Meadowlands area, citing the increased competition from out-of-state gaming centers.

Despite holding the proposal, the committee released several other proposals during its regular meeting:

A2914 would allow residents outside of the state to place wagers on horse races using account wagering systems.

A3326 would eliminate post-employment restrictions for members and employees of the New Jersey Racing Commission.

  Casino gaming proposals held