Celebrity Superlatives: Class of 2012

Even though Gossip Girl sent its last XO yesterday, Blake Lively has had one foot out the door since 2010, when she took a role in Ben Affleck's The Town. The following year, she traded up in both film size (with the action hit Green Lantern) and relationship status: trading her IRL GG boyfriend for her GL costar, Ryan Reynolds. In 2012, Blake starred in Oliver Stone's Savages and married Reynolds, all before the CW show that made her famous sang its swan song.

No such luck for any of her co-stars, unfortunately. When was the last time you heard of Penn Badgley getting a gig?
Sometimes other people deserve to win, even if they don't deserve to win. We're sure you understand, Lena.
It's like a match made in Page Six heaven. Which, funny story, is actually hell!
Let's be honest: 30 Rock wouldn't be ending this season if Baldwin hadn't been openly hostile about negotiating his contracts. He just wants to quit acting and have babies with his yoga instructor wife!

Except not really, since the actor earlier this month signed a deal with Universal to help develop potential series, including vehicles for himself. (We just wonder if those Capital One ads count as part of his retirement plan.)
Christopher Hitchens is snorting contemptuously in his grave right now.
This was just a very important year for Miley: coming out of the closet and announcing to the world that she had terrible taste. It took a lot of guts, and we are so proud to see all that Salvia hasn't taken its toll on her brain.
After a brutal 2011--when he won for "Most Obnoxious," "Most Terrifying" AND "Most Sweaty"--Charlie Sheen was able to turn it all around by lying low this year ... so low, in fact, that we're not even sure that Anger Management is a show yet, or what channel its on. Plus, he spent the year giving all his money to the troops, a 10-year-old with breast cancer and, uh, Lindsay Lohan.
Les Misérables
Remember that one time she played Fantine in Les Mis/Saturday Night Live? She's such a good singer. She should totally go to New York and audition for an Off Broadway revival of Rent. Couldn't you just see her as Maureen?
Universal Pictures
We're starting to think Dina and Michael are just pulling some Weekend at Bernie's crap and she's actually been dead for nine months. Ooh, look at her try to wave and then fall down! Lindsay Lohan, get up! You silly duck.

This has been a big year for the young Hollywood crowd! Channing Tatum made the cover of People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, Taylor Swift dated both a Kennedy and a New Direction, and Lena Dunham did everything else. But now that the year is coming to an end, it’s time we hand out the awards like “Best Smile” and “Most Likely to Become President” (both go to Ryan Gosling). Give a hand for your 2012 Class of Celebrity Superlatives!

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