Christie rips D.C. gridlock

In a half-hour speech that could very well serve as a blueprint for a future campaign stump speech, Gov. Chris Christie today bemoaned the partisan gridlock in Washington, saying it’s time for politicians to address the fiscal cliff instead of “carping, complaining and moaning.”

He said it’s inexcusable for both Republicans and Democrats to not talk and work together on addressing the pressing issue of the $16 trillion debt.

“You start to wonder to yourself what the hell are we paying these guys for?”

Christie said he will not tolerate self-serving politicians, especially during the long post-Sandy rebuilding phase.

“On this we are not going to permit the partisans in our party, in either one,  to dominate the day,” Christie told an enthusiastic crowd at an N.J. Business and Industry Association public policy forum.  “I will not be shy…to call those people out. If they want to do that, we present a stark choice. Do we want to go back to the failed partisanship of yesterday? Or do we want to work together to provide people with a hopeful and successful tomorrow.”

He said residents and businesses Can’t be silent and “sit on the sidelines.”

“If you want your state to succeed, if you want your businesses to succeed, if you want your government to succeed, than you need to stand up now. This is a moment of the greatest crisis New Jersey has ever faced and we passed it with flying colors so far.”

He said New Jersey could serve as “a shining example for what our country needs to solve the problems.”  

Christie rips D.C. gridlock