Cops Catch Boy Who Robbed SIX Teens at Knifepoint for a Dollar

A person holds a one dollar bill on Dece

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He must have been listening to Aloe Blacc’s “I need a dollar.”

A teenager who has been connected to the attempted robbery of six school age children over a two-day spree is in custody, according to police. He is yet to be charged with a crime.

The thief approached kids on their way to school in Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, brandishing a knife or box cutter and demanding a dollar.

The series of mostly unsuccessful attempted robberies occurred on May 20 and May 22.

They began May 20 at 7:20 am when the thief stopped a 12-year-old on Court Street and Second Place. After the suspect accosted the victim with a knife and demanding a dollar, the victim resisted and escaped unharmed.

The thief continued to stop and harass 14 and 15-year-old boys in the following hours. He didn’t get a single cent in either attempt.

Two days later the thief was more successful. He managed to get a whole U.S. dollar from a 13-year-old boy on Smith and President streets. Later he approached a 14-year-old in the same spot and demanded his money. The suspect got away with the victim’s wallet.

Later that day, the suspect attempted, and failed, to rob a 15-year-old using a box cutter who escaped with his cash.

According to the police, none of the victims were harmed in the string of ineffective robberies.

Cops Catch Boy Who Robbed SIX Teens at Knifepoint for a Dollar