Cruise Control: Tom’s Son Deejays at The Darby Downstairs

Connor Cruise. (Photo credit: Patrick McMullan).

Connor Cruise. (Photo credit: Patrick McMullan).

In the 1980s, Nell’s was the spot. Now, in 2012, American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman’s favorite club operates as The Darby Downstairs.

On Monday night, Connor Cruise, the 17-year-old son of Tom and Nicole, stood behind the deejay booth at the narrow, subterranean 14th Street lounge. Mr. Cruise, wearing a black T-shirt bearing an image of a bat, looked quizzically at a can of Red Bull before opening it and adjusting his headphones.Mr. Cruise was the special guest at the after-party to celebrate electro-pop act MNDR’s first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, earlier that day. Tom Cruise had also been a guest on the episode. All in the family.

TV screens showed the elder Mr. Cruise’s appearance, while clubgoers, reflected in the mirrored ceilings, stood behind velvet ropes in what amounted to one big VIP section. Champagne and prosecco juice boxes decorated the tables and the trays of passing waitresses.

“It was surreal. Letterman was talking about the Newton shootings, and then there was Tom Cruise, and there was us,” said Amanda Warner, who goes by MNDR, of her debut. “He was incredibly kind; he gave me a big hug after the show.”

The Transom asked Mr. Cruise the younger how long he had been deejaying.

“A couple years,” he replied. Since he was 15? He didn’t answer.

“Connor made a special remix of our song ‘Feed Me Diamonds,’” Ms. Warner explained.

Alas, the elder Mr. Cruise did not attend the after-party, although we did spy former Giant and current Kelly Ripa co-host Michael Strahan in the crowd.

Mr. Cruise’s guest-deejaying stint lasted slightly over an hour. When MNDR came on TV during the airing of the episode, Ms. Warner joined the underage deejay on the stage. After the song, she said a couple words to Mr. Cruise before he packed up his laptop and left.

It was a school night, after all.

Cruise Control: Tom’s Son Deejays at The Darby Downstairs