Cryan set to introduce the first of a series of gun safety bills

TRENTON – A state Assemblyman announced plans Wednesday to introduce legislation that would limit the capacity of rounds of bullets in gun magazines in New Jersey.

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, (D-20), said his proposal is being introduced in the wake of the Newtown shooting that left 20 children and a half dozen adults dead. Currently, gun magazines in the state are allowed to hold 15 rounds of ammunition. Cryan’s proposal would limit the number of rounds to only five rounds.

“The Newtown shooter fired multiple magazines, each one with thirty bullets. It took him all of ten minutes to murder 20 children and six adults. The time it took to render them lifeless is as disturbing as the death toll,” Cryan said in a statement.

“What makes these high-capacity magazines so deadly is the number of rounds that can be fired in a short span. The staff at the school, the children, God rest their souls, had no chance against the amount of ammunition that the shooter armed himself with,” he said. “This is why I’m introducing this bill to restrict gun magazines in New Jersey. We cannot wait for the next tragedy before we take action. These victims and their families deserve better. Enough is enough.”

Cryan said the bill is first of a series he plans to introduce as part of his gun safety campaign.

Cryan set to introduce the first of a series of gun safety bills