Damien Hirst Leaves Gagosian

Hirst at Gagosian New York. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Hirst at Gagosian on West 21st Street. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Georgina Adam reports today in the Financial Times that Damien Hirst will split with his longtime dealer Gagosian gallery.

Here’s Gagosian’s statement from the piece:

“It has been a great honour to work with Damien over the last 17 years culminating with the worldwide showing of the Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011 at all 11 Gagosian galleries this year . . . We wish him conti­nued success for the future.”

The split means that Mr. Hirst now has no New York dealer. Last week news broke that another prominent Gagosian artist, Jeff Koons, will do a show with Gagosian competitor David Zwirner gallery.

Damien Hirst Leaves Gagosian