E-waste, child aid bills signed

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie signed two bills Friday, dealing with e-waste and children in need.

He signed the following:

A-3164w/GR/S-2120 (Webber, Prieto, A. M. Bucco, Singleton, DeCroce/A. R. Bucco, Rice) – This bill would require that the state assume the educational costs of any student who resides for more than one year in a domestic violence shelter or transitional living facility outside the student’s district of residence. It drew a conditional veto earlier this year.

This incorporates the governor’s recommendation that the Commissioner of Education come up with rules that would identify what is a “transitional living facility,” a term that the governor said was ambiguous.

A-1459w/GR/S-822 (Gusciora, McKeon, Barnes/Smith, Bateman) – Revises “Electronic Waste Management Act

This bill, conditionally vetoed earlier this year, incorporates the governor’s recommendations in making revisions to the Electronic Waste Management Act.

Gov. Chris Christie urged that a television manufacturer’s recycling responsibility should be measured in terms of the weight of televisions manufactured, not units.

Also, he recommended that violators face a civil fine of $25,000, not the $50,000 originally in the bill.


E-waste, child aid bills signed