‘Ecce Homo’ Restoration Lady Is Now Selling Art on eBay

Just in time for the gift giving season.

(Photo: Ebay)
(Photo: Ebay)

The amazingly botched restoration of the famous “Ecce Homo” painting, done by a Spanish amateur painter who turned a 19th century portrait of Jesus into that of a ghost monkey, took the Internet by storm this year, quickly becoming what is arguably the best meme of 2012.

Now, Cecelia Giminez, the painting’s infamous restorer, has waded back into the art world with some original work. The Daily Dot reports that she’s selling at least one piece, called “The Bodegas de Borja,” on eBay. Add that to your holiday gift guides.

The 45 x 34 inch painting depicts some old houses on a cobblestone street against a bright blue sky. It’s very nice-looking and does not include any creepy blurred faces, which is a refreshing departure from Ms. Giminez’s prior work, completed during her “Whooops!” period.

For just 630 Euros (or about $820) the painting can be yours, but if you’re hoping to give it to a particular meme-lover for the holidays, better get to bidding. 31 people have already placed hopeful bids for the piece. ‘Ecce Homo’ Restoration Lady Is Now Selling Art on eBay