Energy tax receipts bill released

TRENTON – The Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee unanimously released a bill to ensure energy tax receipts go to towns and not to the state.

A2753 would change the manner in which energy tax receipts are distributed to municipalities. 

Sponsor Assemblyman Dan Benson said the fate of the funds are subject to the whims of the administration instead of what the statute mandates.

“We’ve all seen after Sandy the importance of our infrastructure,’’ he said, and consequently how important these funds are to towns.

Under current law, energy tax receipts are all collected by the state.  Often, the state retains a portion of the energy tax receipts that are supposed to be distributed to municipalities, the bill states.

The intent of this legislation is to ensure that municipalities are able to collect the amounts of energy tax receipts that they were originally promised when the state revised the collection and distribution process in 1997.   Energy tax receipts bill released