Way Harsh, Kev: Instagram Yanks Twitter Integration

Selfies everywhere suddenly missing chins.

Basically a big old "FUUUU" to Twitter. (Photo: Instagram/AdrianGrenier)

Kev has new friends now. (Photo: Instagram/AdrianGrenier)

Are your tweeted-out Instagram pictures of Christmas lights looking a little busted? Sorry to rain on your lifecasting parade, but that’s not some temporary glitch. AllThingsD reports that Instagram has disabled the “cards” that make your snapshots show up all pretty in your Twitter feed, so they’re likely to show up cropped or otherwise effed.

Hey, now that the photo sharing company has snazzy online profiles, what do they even need with Twitter?

AllThingsD translates the maneuvering for everyone watching at home:

In effect, it’s Instagram giving Twitter the middle finger, a clear sign of the photo-sharing service making plain that it no longer wants Twitter to ride on the successful coattails of the millions of photos Instagram hosts on its service every single day.

This is a pretty sad state of affairs, considering how cozy the companies once were. And as ATD notes, it also explains the flurry of Twitter pics–with fancy new filters!–recently tweeted out by Twitter founder and bereft former Instagram investor Jack Dorsey. (One Betabeat reporter, who has Mr. Dorsey’s tweets forwarded via SMS, was wondering about that.) Go ahead, twist the knife, DJ Systromatic!

“We want to direct users to where the content lives originally,” Instagram chief Kevin Systrom said at the LeWeb conference on Wednesday in Paris. “Where do you go to interact with [an Instagram] image? We want that to be instagram.com because that’s a better user experience.”

We’re pretty sure that if you suggest to Mr. Dorsey that your user experience is somehow better than his, he literally hulks out.

Way Harsh, Kev: Instagram Yanks Twitter Integration