Forget Someone at Christmas? Buy Them Geeky Pasties

The Internet, ladies and gentlemen.

Aww aww! (Photo: Etsy)
Aww aww! (Photo: Etsy)

Good news if you forgot a few holiday gifts! CNET has stumbled onto a treasure trove, in the form of sequin-encrusted, geek-themed pasties currently being sold on–where else?–Etsy. Your options include Apple logos, Grumpy Cat faces, Star Trek ensignia (also available in pink), Nyan Cats.

Sizing seems fairly standard, though you must chose between “average,” “extra pointy,” and “butt pasties.” 

They’re all available from Montabahn Pasties, purveyors of “professional burlesque nipple tassel kits.” The nerdy delights are a mere sampling of the firm’s inventory, which also includes blue starfish and black widow spiders.

Don’t let your dude friends miss out, CNET adds:

These pasties may be intended for the geek ladies, but there’s no reason geek guys couldn’t get in on the fun. A set of Spider-Man coverings may be just the ticket for subtly expressing your Marvel allegiance at the next Comic-Con.

Just don’t get the mustaches, for Christ’s sake. Forget Someone at Christmas? Buy Them Geeky Pasties