Gill disappointed in health care exchange veto

TRENTON – A prime backer of the health care exchange bill expressed disappointment with the governor’s veto today.

Sen. Nia H. Gill, (D-34), Montclair, chair of the Senate Commerce Committee and a prime sponsor of the “New Jersey Health Benefit Exchange Act,” also was unhappy and issued this statement.

“The Legislature sent two bills to the governor’s desk that laid out the framework for creating a state-based exchange, one which directly addressed the concerns he expressed.

“New Jersey should have a state-based exchange. The bill vetoed by the Governor allowed New Jersey to maintain regulatory control over insurance to the greatest extent possible, to respond to market conditions, to ensure competition and to define plans that best meet the needs of New Jersey residents.

“Now, 440,000 uninsured people hang in the balance as we await the governor’s decision on this critical matter.”

Gill disappointed in health care exchange veto