Please, Eric Schmidt, Please Give Us Google Fiber

All we want for Christmas is some gigabit Internet.

Mr. Schmidt, laying some knowledge on us. (Screencap)

Uh-oh, here comes some holiday bad news for the cable and content incumbents: Speaking today at the Dealbook conference,  chairman Eric Schmidt insisted that Google Fiber isn’t just some kooky attempt to turn Kansas into a high-speed-Internet Oz. “We’re running it as a business,” Mr. Schmidt told moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin.

What’s more, he added that it’ll be available in “hopefully more cities, if we’re able to expand our service.” The company is trying to decide where right now, which is why Betabeat would like to take a moment to chuck our dignity and plead for Google to expand its high-speed Internet experiment to New York City.

There are loads of reasons why we should get Fiber. Loads! For one thing, there’s the boost it would give Cornell Tech–an initiative Google is currently supporting. There’s the company’s large presence here. And citywide fiber is already on the radar of our politicos, as Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer’s Start-Up City report demonstrates. (Global warming + copper wiring = a big old mess.)

Netflix streaming will be so crystal clear, it’ll be like Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy is right there in the room with you.

(h/t VentureBeat)

Please, Eric Schmidt, Please Give Us Google Fiber