Governor takes action on pending legislation

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie announced Friday evening taking action on several pieces of pending legislation.


A-1289/S-1355 (Jasey, McKeon, Gusciora/Bateman, Gordon) – Requires plans, specifications, and bid proposal documents for certain local public contracts to address soil contamination, and requires contracting unit to approve change order under certain circumstances related thereto

A-1902/S-721 (Rumana, Diegnan/O’Toole, Addiego) – “Tabitha’s Law”; requires parent or guardian to notify school administrators if pupil will be absent; requires school to notify parent in event of unexcused pupil absence

A-2879/S-1916 (Burzichelli, Greenwald, Ramos, Conaway, Caride/Sweeney) –   Prohibits requirement to disclose user name, password, or other means for accessing account or service through electronic communications devises by institutions of higher education

A-2889/S-1906 (Conaway, Tucker, DeAngelo, Wisniewski, Riley/Greenstein, Beach) – Provides for temporary nurse licensure for qualified nonresident military spouses

A-2949/S-2015 (Green, Stender/Scutari) – Authorizes State Treasurer to sell surplus property, known as Plainfield Armory, located in City of Plainfield in Union County

S-1328GR/A-2310 (Codey/Jasey, McKeon, Caputo) – Permits Type II district with board of school estimate to opt to move school election to November; eliminates board of school estimate’s approval of budgets for such districts, except for proposals to spend above cap


A-2596/S-1829 (Wisniewski, Sumter/Bucco) CONDITIONAL – Removes requirement for one and two-family residences to be equipped with a portable fire extinguisher 

Thursday, Christie also took action on the following legislation:


S-327/A-1380 (Whelan, Addiego/Chivukula, Wilson, Coughlin) – Provides immunity to institutions of higher education for food donations

SCS for S-599/ACS for A-2573 (Beck, Sweeney/Vainieri Huttle, Diegnan, Coughlin, Wimberly) – “Tara’s Law”; provides protections for individuals with developmental disabilities residing in community care residences and for investigations of abuse of individuals with developmental disabilities

S-612/ACS for A-1519 (Sweeney, Stack/Burzichelli, Prieto, Giblin) – Provides for licensure of elevator, escalator, and moving walkway mechanics by State board

S-1816/A-2763 (Norcross, Madden/Moriarty, Wilson) Affords DRPA police officers authority to inspect hazardous material carriers and cargoes; clarifies authority of State Police to conduct inspections

S-2156/A-3248 (Lesniak/Green, Singleton, A. M. Bucco, Jasey, Wimberly) – Establishes summary action to foreclose mortgages on vacant and abandoned residential property

Governor takes action on pending legislation