That’s Not the World Ending, That’s Malware

Don't let Mayan mania overtake your computer.

The apocalypse has been cancelled. No rain date has been set.

Everyone and his brother is chattering away about the Mayan apocalypse, which supposedly happens tomorrow. If you’re just now learning the world might end, you might be tempted to Google around for more info. Just don’t open any sketchy powerpoint presentations on the matter, Naked Security warns.

That’s because there’s one circulating with the SEO friendly title of “Will the world end in 2012?” and it’s brimming with malware.

You open the document, enable macros and boom, nasties on your hard drive. So tomorrow the world will turn on, but your computer will be compromised.

Naked Security explains where this little Christmas present originated:

The presentation about the world ending was created by a preacher in the United States who appears to have nothing to do with this booby-trapped version. Don’t go looking for this presentation though!

His legitimate WordPress blog has been compromised and is currently performing search engine manipulation duties for Viagra pushers, “off-shore” casinos, forex fraud and payday loans.

Spammers–or the planet Nibiru???

That’s Not the World Ending, That’s Malware