Miley Cyrus Starts Campaign for Emoji Equality

She's just being socially responsible Miley.

Ms. Cyrus (Photo:
Ms. Cyrus (Photo:

Miley Cyrus had a brush with social advocacy last year when she recorded Occupy Wall Street’s unofficial theme song, “Liberty Walk.”  But since then, she’s remained pretty quiet on any issues of equality. In 2012, she’s cut her hair several times, most notably when she got rid of her bun, which put popular fan account @Mileys_Bun in an awkward position.

But now Ms. Cyrus is back to the fight with a new issue. Yes, Ms. Cyrus has something that all Americans can get behind — Emoji equality.

For the uninformed, Emojis are the cute little image characters that iPhone users use like secret code or special embellishes to text messages. And on Tuesday afternoon, the beauty chain Sephora asked its Twitter followers to retweet their message if they wanted more colors for the nail painting Emoji. For the record, there is currently only a pink nail polishing Emoji.

Ms. Cyrus quickly responded with Emoji concerns of her very own:

mileyemojiThis woman is right! There is injustice in the Emoji world right now.


This might just be Ms. Cyrus atoning for her past racially insensitive sins, but we’re rooting for her cause. After all, it’s kind of annoying to have to represent your female Indian friend with some dude rocking a turban. Miley Cyrus Starts Campaign for Emoji Equality