NASA’s New Spacesuits Look Just Like Buzz Lightyear’s

Needs more purple.

(Photo: NASA/Mattel, via Yahoo

(Photo: NASA/Mattel, via Yahoo)

Few astronauts have captured our national imagination more than Buzz Lightyear, the delightful spaceman superhero character in the classic animated film Toy Story. It appears that NASA’s designers are also big fans of the Pixar flick, as it recently released photos of its newest spacesuit, and it looks suspiciously similar to the one worn by Buzz.

It’s called the Z-1 Prototype Spacesuit and Portable Life Support System 2.0, and it was named one of Time‘s greatest inventions of the year. It’s designed to take astronauts safely into deep space–oh, and did we mention it looks fly as hell? The suit is all white with lime green accents and a gigantic transparent dome helmet.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that this isn’t the only Buzz-themed NASA product; the organization has also worked with Disney to develop space-themed games that can help kids learn about space exploration.

To infinity and… okay, you get it. NASA’s New Spacesuits Look Just Like Buzz Lightyear’s