New Yorkers Weigh in on Hillary and Cuomo's Potential 2016 Bids

Hillary Clinton And Andrew Cuomo Campaign Ahead Of Midterm Election

Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo marching in the 2006 Columbus Day Parade. (Photo: Getty)

With both Hillary Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo considered potential 2016 presidential candidates, the latest poll from the Siena Research Institute contains several numbers that will be of interest to early watchers of their potential bids. Siena polled favorability ratings for both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Cuomo and asked New Yorkers whether they’d like to see either run for president four years from now. 

The poll found Mr. Cuomo has a favorable rating of 72 percent among New York voters and Ms. Clinton’s favorability was at 75 percent. Though Ms. Clinton’s numbers were slightly higher, Mr. Cuomo has more bipartisan support. Ms. Clinton scored favorability ratings of 90 percent among Democrats and 50 percent with Republicans while Mr. Cuomo scored relatively high among both groups with 76 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Republicans saying they have a favorable impression of the governor.

A majority of New York voters, 54 percent, said they’d like to see Ms. Clinton run for president in 2016. However, just 39 percent said they wanted to see Mr. Cuomo run for president in four years. Though New Yorkers didn’t exactly seem enthused about the prospect of Mr. Cuomo making a White House bid, 62 percent said they’d like to see him run for re-election as governor.

Along with Mr. Cuomo and Ms. Clinton, Siena polled New Yorkers on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who’s also viewed as a potential 2016 contender. The poll found 63 percent have a favorable impression of Mr. Christie with more than 60 percent of both Democrats and Republicans saying they had a positive view of the Garden State Governor.

New Yorkers Weigh in on Hillary and Cuomo's Potential 2016 Bids