Newsweek’s #LastPrintIssue

A-zujrPCIAASSqMWe knew it was coming and here it is. The last attempt at a buzz-generating Newsweek cover hit newsstands today. And it is generating a slight amount of buzz. The nostalgic, black-and-white image of the old Newsweek HQ is juxtaposed with the headline “#LastPrintIssue.” Because the magazine will now be Internet-only and print is dying and hashtags and Twitter!

On the one hand, it is hard to imagine that the hashtag will register with Newsweek’s most loyal readership. On the other hand, if the zeitgeist was against Newsweek (as Tina Brown said in a November interview in New York magazine), well, we guess hashtags are zeitgeisty.

But mostly, we are glad that somebody learned from the “muslim rage” hashtag misfire back in September. Although the hashtag #LastPrintIssue isn’t exactly trending, some people are using it. So, that’s something.

<em>Newsweek</em>’s #LastPrintIssue