Prieto blasts Christie Administration

TRENTON – Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Vincent Prieto said he found it “troubling” nobody from the Christie Administration, Treasury Department and Lottery Commission accepted his invitation to attend the hearing regarding Lottery monetization.

He said the executive director told him in a letter it would be inappropriate to attend and included two pages of misnomers and misinformation that she said he can expect to hear at the hearing.

“My problem is …I can’t talk to a letter,” Prieto said.

He said the administration didn’t come down previously regarding the budget revenues hearing, finding the snubs to be a disturbing trend.

“We should be outraged,” he said.

He said he had several questions he wanted to ask about the privatization plan.

“The big question is why? Why are we doing this.”

He pointed out that Illinois, the only other state that has tried it thus far, missed its revenue goals.

“Illinois had a problem of meeting their targets,” Prieto said.

Seth Hahn of the Communications Workers of America said 60 to 65 workers who currently work in the sales and marketing department of the Lottery could lose their jobs. He called the plan “risky” and “flawed,” saying it would favor big box retailers because sales officials would have less incentive to visit the mom and pop stores.

Prieto blasts Christie Administration