Senior-citizen building security bill held

RENTON – A bill that would have required owners of certain senior citizen high-rise buildings to provide 24-hour lobby security if the building is located in a municipality with a high rate of violent crime was tabled today by the Senate Budget Committee.

Sen. Brian Stack, (D-33), Union, who is one of the sponsors of the bill, S672, said he held the bill because he wants it to have more teeth in the form of bigger fines and other penalties.

The bill would target municipalities that have violent crime rates, exceeding six per 1,000 persons, according to the three most recent Uniform Crime Reports issued by the New Jersey State Police.

Stack said he will work with the New Jersey Tenants Organization to strengthen the bill.

According to the bill, the security obligation must be met through stationary licensed security guards in the lobby and 24-hour monitored video surveillance cameras.  Also, the Department of Community Affairs could order a building owner to provide security in the lobby or other common area upon evidence of persistent criminal activity against residents in the building, the bill states.  

The amended bill also would provide that if a retirement community consists of a number of buildings, in which no single building has 100 units or more, but the total number of units for the community is 100 units or more, then the security guards shall be required to patrol the entire complex. 

The video camera surveillance and recording would include all entrances and exits, and the recordings shall be maintained for at least 60 days, according to the bill.


Senior-citizen building security bill held