Spin Stops Print Edition

ezw9rb4saqnjr94e-1Just in time for the holidays, Spin‘s printing presses have officially stopped spinning. The music magazine, which started way back in 1985, announced today that print edition is officially no more.

After the magazine was acquired by Buzzmedia in July, they announced that there would be no November/December issue but affirmed the importance of print.

“We believe print is important for Spin,” Buzzmedia CEO Tyler Goldman told the Times in July. “As we continue to invest in the platform, we’re going to look at defining what that role is.”

Well, it appears that print isn’t that important for Spin. Subscribers to Spin‘s print publication can look forward to Car and Driver for the remaining term of their subscription to the music magazine–because there is a large overlap between the two readerships? We aren’t actually sure what the logic is there, but we hope that the fans of the music review mag also like cars! And driving!


  <em>Spin</em> Stops Print Edition