State provides $26M for post-Sandy recovery via Labor Dept.

TRENTON – The state will provide $26 million toward post-Sandy recovery to assist businesses and workers.

Gov. Chris Christie today announced the investment of training dollars by the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development through three programs: Recovery4Jersey, Skills4Jersey and Recovery4Jersey.

In Recovery4Jersey, the state will provide $4 million to support private-sector businesses by offering funds to train newly hired workers, and will make $7 million in funds available for local Workforce Investment Boards to use in on-the-job training for unemployed individuals hired in recovery-related industries and occupations.

In Skills4Jersey,  $11 million in training funds will be made available in grants to help New Jersey employers upgrade the occupational, literacy and safety skills of workers.

And in Opportunity4Jersey, $4 million  is intended to fill a “skills gap” reported by New Jersey employers, who indicate that they have difficulty finding qualified workers. Training grants will be made available to colleges and approved training institutions.

“As we spend public funds training unemployed residents for new jobs and enhancing the skills of our existing workforce, we should also give each job seeker the knowledge and tools that are most valued by our industries,” said Labor Commissioner Harold J. Wirths in a release. “This approach ensures we are offering our unemployed residents opportunities for meaningful careers and at the same time invest in the industries that are building New Jersey’s future.”  

And Christie said, “These initiatives embody another step in New Jersey’s journey to recovery from the devastation of Sandy, but also represent a transformation of how New Jersey prepares its workforce.

“We know the industries that offer the most promise for moving our economy forward, and it only makes sense for us to train our job seekers for professions in those industries.”

State provides $26M for post-Sandy recovery via Labor Dept.