Webber commends administration for being ‘innovative’ with Lottery: Chiusano ‘morally conflicted’

TRENTON – Assemblyman Jay Webber, (R-26), Morris Plains, said he wants to congratulate the Christie Administration for modernizing the Lottery and trying to be more innovative with it.

“It’s refreshing to watch an administration to try to get ahead of the curve.”

The idea to privatize the sales and marketing staff of the Lottery was described by Webber as “a better way to provide services to the taxpayers.”

“This is an idea that deserves to be discussed,” he said, adding that the request for proposal is “entirely approapriate.”

He said the only question he had is “Why didn’t we do this sooner.”

“It seems the the adminstiation has been completely transparent,” he said. “I think this is a very solid proposal.”

Seth Hahn of the Communications Workers of America, however, said the $120 million the contractor would need to give the state when awarded the contract serves as more of a “credit.” He said that if the contractor fails to meet the goals, the difference could come out of that shot of money.

Assemblyman Gary Chiusano,  (R-24), Augusta, said during today’s Assembly Budget Committee hearing he found it strange that the people who tend to purchase Lottery tickets at convenience stores appear to be the ones who could least afford it. A financial planner by trade, Chiusano said he would rather see those consumers contribute $25 toward an IRA plan.  He said he was ”morally conflicted” about the matter.

Webber commends administration for being ‘innovative’ with Lottery: Chiusano ‘morally conflicted’