Update: Which Lucky Reporter Slept with James Deen?

Mr. Deen and not the reporter he slept with.
Mr. Deen and not the reporter he slept with.

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Update: This article misidentified the author from Vice.com as Daniel Stuckey. It was Kelly Bourdet.

No, unfortunately it wasn’t us. But The Canyon star and pornography icon James Deen has slept with at least one of his interviewers, according to a new Vice.com article.

In “Future Sex: An Interview with James Deen, America’s Porn Sweetheart,” Daniel Stuckey Kelly Bourdet asked the dreamy Mr. Deen:

Okay, I have one more question for you. Have you ever had sex with someone who interviewed you?

Deen: Yeah, actually I have.

Now comes the fun part where we try to find out who that person is!

Our money is on Gaby Dunn of 100Interviews.com, who definitely had a close encounter with Deen … at his house:

Later, he reads the Hebrew tattoo I have between my shoulder blades by running his fingers across it through my apparently see-through yellow shirt without warning me. I want to sing the chorus of ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ by the Police.

“Oh my god,” I reply, bringing my notebook up over my face. “Stop. I am trying to just get through this interview.”


He smirks and it’s totally killer. “I looked at your pictures first,” he whispers. I don’t hear him right away and then when I do, I gasp and get tongue-tied. He’s got me again. He laughs, “I am that sleazy. I totally am.”


James shakes his head, “Just for that, now you’re getting finger-blasted,” he threatens, pretending to be tough. “Oh, sure,” I say, because now that we’re joking about it, it’s somehow less likely?

Other possibilities: Amanda Hess for Good Magazine, who also interviewed Mr. Deen at his home (and who quoted Gaby Dunn); Emily Heist Moss from GoodMenProject.com who wrote after meeting him wrote; “I feel strange, like in the last two hours my best hopes and worst fears about pornography have been confirmed”; or Ms. Bourdet herself. Update: Which Lucky Reporter Slept with James Deen?