Wisniewski blasts no-show Simpson

TRENTON – The chairman of an Assembly panel that gathered Monday hoping to understand how the state’s transportation infrastructure fared following the devastation of Superstorm Sandy blasted the head of the Department of Transportation for failing to attend the hearing.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, (D-19), criticized DOT Commissioner James Simpson for showing the committee “disrespect” by failing to attend the meeting or give proper notice of his intentions.

“I found out literally five minutes ago that Commissioner Simpson decided not to come,” Wisniewski said at the onset of the committee hearing.

“I set this date after having a phone conversation twice with Commissioner Simpson,” he said, explaining that Simpson informed Wisniewski he would attend the hearing.

“I do think it’s a sign of disrespect to this committee,” Wisniewski said. “I just want to put that on the record.”

Wisniewski blasts no-show Simpson