Year in Review: NYO’s 10 Best Celebrity Encounters

No more wire hangers reporters!
Sorry for making fun of your Human Centipede Haunted House Tour with Nicolas Cage. Please don’t call us “salmon-colored” again, Mr. Franco!
You gotta love a woman whose 12-step program stops at this: “The only higher power I could ever settle upon was social climbing.”
Dan D’Addario lunches with the Today show host: “I am a 10 percent silly person,” said Ms. Gifford. “I know how to make a good living being a silly person. But I am not a silly person. And there is not one person who knows me well that would ever characterize me in general as an idiot. Or silly. No, I’m not a silly person. I know how to be silly.”
To us! At the premiere of To Rome, With Love, the notoriously shy auteur praised the thespian chops of Owen Wilson and Jesse Eisenberg: “The truth is they’re both better actors than me. I’m a writer who can play his own material. They’re actors who can play Chekhov.”
That is to say, his hot interview over the phone, about sex.
We wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Foster Kamer delves deep into the psyche of the former MSNBC host's outburst about the banks:
“So I walk away and I’m like, ‘At least everyone is going to hear about the bank extraction.’ Not because they want to, because they want to hear Ratigan lose his shit. It’s kind of funny,” he laughed. “If I could do it on a premeditated basis, then I’d do it more often. I’d be more famous.”
Thanks for our new pick-up line for chicks: "You’re incredible. You’re an astronaut!”

Though The Observer frequently rubs elbows with the rich and beautiful, 2012 has been especially bountiful in its celebrity run-ins. From fighting with James Franco to having lunch with Kathie Lee Gifford, here are the 10 best famous scenes involving famous people.

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