Booting Up: The Zuckerbergs Cook Breakfast Edition

chefThe Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a civil action against Netflix after CEO Reed Hastings posted on Facebook in June that the company’s customers would soon view 1 billion hours of content a month. Mr. Hastings posted his thoughts on the SEC investigation on Facebook. [Facebook]

Because you’re dying to make “eggnog cinnamon chip scones,” just like Randi Zuckerberg’s family. [NYT]

Amid news that Apple plans to invest $100 million in U.S. manufacturing plants, here’s a video of the assembly line at NeXT Computer, the company Steve Jobs founded in 1985 after being exiled from Apple. [Qz]

John McAfee is back in a Guatemalan jail, after being hospitalized for an apparent heart attack. [ABC]

Online school Thinkful says “finance sucks” and that the 11,000 Citigroup workers about to be axed should seek work at a New York City startup. [TechCrunch]

Booting Up: The Zuckerbergs Cook Breakfast Edition