Assembly Budget Comm. to consider educational funding resolution

TRENTON – The Assembly Budget Committee will consider a resolution on Monday critical of educational policies of the administration.

The committee has added to its agenda ACR172, which among other things objects to recommendations in the administration’s Educational Adequacy Report that the school funding formula be modified to reduce the additional “weight’’ given to at-risk, bilingual and some other students.

The resolution, whose sponsors include Democratic Assembly members Bonnie Watson Coleman, Gary Schaer, Benjie Wimberly and Grace Spencer, states that the administration’s recommendations “are not based on any research of the school funding level necessary to achieve the State’s standards, as required under the school funding law or as expected by the Supreme Court in its decision.”

In addition, the resolution calls on increasing extraordinary special education aid thresholds by $5,000.

Districts can be partially reimbursed for costs in excess of $40,000 or $50,000, depending on whether they were for special education students in district-run or privately operated programs, respectively.

The resolution also directs the Education commissioner to submit a revised report within 30 days that reflects the resolution’s directives.

The resolution is an outgrowth of the ongoing disagreements between the administration and legislative Democrats over how schools should be funded, a dispute that goes back years and has included arguments that reached the state Supreme Court.   Assembly Budget Comm. to consider educational funding resolution