Bill Thompson Dines With The Master Painters and Decorators of New York

thompson hilton
(Photo: Jordyn Taylor)

Yesterday afternoon, mayoral candidate Bill Thompson delivered the keynote speech at the annual luncheon of the Association of Master Painters and Decorators of New York, Inc. at The New York Hilton hotel. Though he didn’t give his opinions on any decorative matters such as Anthropologie kitchenware or Rococo-inspired wall treatments, he was certainly well-received by the members of the association.

Politicker was seated at a table with representatives from various contracting companies and they were quite enthusiastic about Mr. Thompson.

“This morning I met Mr. Thompson,” said Joseph Leo of Atlantic Contracting. “He was walking out [of the hotel], and I stopped him myself, introduced myself, and told him I thought he was doing a great job.”

Louis J. Coletti, President and CEO of the Building Trades Employees’ Association, claimed Mr. Thompson is well-regarded throughout the construction community.

“In the construction industry, people like Bill Thompson,” Mr. Coletti said. “He was very good to the construction industry when he as city controller. When we brought issues, he was always willing to listen and be helpful where he could. And where he couldn’t, he’d just say ‘I can’t do that,’ rather than, ‘let me think about it.’”

Mr. Thompson’s speech addressed a wide, somewhat random variety of issues. One story was about the iron content of his mother’s blood, another about the time his 88-year-old father was mistaken for his brother. His speech addressed neither painting nor decorating in any specific way, but he some of his broader comments may have been sort of applicable.

“The one thing I believe [is that] the work that you do is here in the city,” he said. (We suppose that’s true of the master painters and decorators of New York). “You want to have somebody who realizes your industry is important to this city. Your industry is a vital part of New York City, and we want to see it grow. And you want to have a partner, a friend, and someone who will support you in city hall. That’s the type of mayor I would be.”

Despite the enthusiastic reception Mr. Thompson received at the luncheon, he hasn’t secured the association’s endorsement yet. A representative for the group said they were hoping to hear from the other mayoral hopefuls and “evaluate the candidates’ positions on issues” before making a pick. Bill Thompson Dines With The Master Painters and Decorators of New York