Booting Up: Etsy is Big In Alaska (and Everywhere Else)

ap_chadEtsy community sales topped $895 million last year, according to CEO Chad Dickerson. Who bought? The knit scarf-wearing citizens of Alaska and Massachusetts more than pulled their weight. [Etsy]

Meanwhile, pour out a little bit of Earl Grey for Regretsy, as the craft-snark blog is shuttering. Wrote founder April Winchell in a blog post: “After three and a half years, I’ve said everything I have to say about it, and now we’re just Bedazzling a dead horse.” [The Daily Dot]

The nice thing about a Yahoo earnings call, if you’re Kara Swisher, is that you don’t have to hide in the vents to hear what Marissa Mayer is saying. The good news: Yahoo beat Wall Street estimates. The bad: Revenue was flat, and oh, can someone do something about that pre-call elevator music? [AllThingsD]

That was a short-lived experiment: Months after Tumblr gave users the option of paying $5 to pin content to the top of followers’ dashboards, the pay-to-pin feature has been abandoned. [The Daily Dot]

This hardware will self-destruct: the Pentagon is interested in military hardware “capable of physically disappearing in a controlled, triggerable manner”—the better to keep enemies from collecting and reverse-engineering the detritus of war. [Wired]

Less than a week after Twitter launched Vine, the video-sharing app it acquired last year, the company went back to the acquisition well, announcing a deal for Crashlytics, which tracks bad code when apps fail. [Business Insider]

Booting Up: Etsy is Big In Alaska (and Everywhere Else)