Booting Up: How Would You Like to Go on a Crazy Blind Date?

"It's called 'Crazy Blind Date.'" (Photo: Derek Rose)

(Photo: Derek Rose)

Internet dating not delivering the same thrill it used to? OKCupid would like you to try out a new service called “Crazy Blind Date,” which lets users arrange to meet people they don’t know much about it. It may sound like a Kate Hudson vehicle, but we assure you it’s not. Not yet, anyway.  [AllThingsD]

A group of online anarchists, wait, sorry, archivists, released a Javascript-based bookmarklet that lets users “liberate” a public domain article from JSTOR in memorial to the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz. [ArsTechnica]

The word on Wall Street is that Michael Dell is looking at a deal to take his company private, a move which may free the PC-maker from the attentions of profit-hungry investors and give the company room to shift its strategy to better compete in mobile and cloud computing.  [Bloomberg]

The Feds says that Kim Dotcom’s entrapment claims are baseless. Mr. Dotcom says he’s going to unveil a new file-sharing service on January 19, the one-year anniversary of his arrest. [Wired]

Is Y Combinator funding the future of Windows spam? [IStartedSomething]

In case you forgot, Facebook is holding a press conference today, fueling speculation that Zuck & Co. will announce a new product. One guess: Search. [Pocket-lint]

Booting Up: How Would You Like to Go on a Crazy Blind Date?