Christie signs pending legislation

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie announced taking action on several pieces of pending legislation Monday evening.

The governor signed off on the following bills:

S-527/A-1133 (Norcross, C.J. Connors/Fuentes, Wilson, Conaway, Tucker) – Authorizes local public contract set-aside program for business enterprises that are owned by or that employ veterans

S-829/ACS for A-1744/2490 (Smith, Beach/ Chivukula, Prieto, C. A. Brown) – Permits affordable housing occupancy preferences for veterans through municipal agreements with developer

SCS for S-1051/ACS for A-2164/634 (C. J. Connors, Beach/Conaway, Gove, Singleton, Rumpf) – Concerns child custody and parenting time arrangements related to certain military service absences

S-2246/A-3369 (Whelan, Beck/Eustace, Wagner, Watson Coleman, Gusciora, Wilson, Fuentes, Ramos, S. Connors, Bramnick, Wisniewski) – Appropriates $55 million from “2009 Green Acres Fund” for local government open space acquisition and park development projects, and approves $2,400,800 from 1995 bond act for coastal blue acres projects

S-2247/A-3370 (Greenstein, Oroho/Albano, Benson, DeAngelo, Schaer, Caride, Coutinho, Bramnick, Peterson, Wisniewski) – Appropriates $8,930,975 from “2009 Green Acres Fund” for grants to certain nonprofit entities to acquire or develop lands for recreation and conservation purposes

S-2248/A-3368 (Smith, C. J. Connors/Spencer, Riley, Conaway, Singleton, Prieto, Jimenez, Tucker, Caputo, Amodeo, C. A. Brown, Bramnick, Rumpf, Gove, Peterson, McKeon, Wisniewski) – Appropriates $45 million for “2009 Green Acres Fund” and $12 million from “2009 Blue Acres Fund” for State acquisition of lands for recreation and conservation purposes, including Blue Acres projects

SJR-37/AJR-58 (A. R. Bucco/A. M. Bucco) – Designates U.S. Route 46 bridge in the Town of Dover as “Officer Thomas E. DeShazo Memorial Bridge”

SJR-39/AJR-62 (Allen/Casagrande, Lampitt, Singleton) – Designates May of each year as “Displaced Homemakers Awareness Month”

A-1753/S-440 (Prieto, Mainor, Quijano/Sacco, Pennacchio) – Exempts certain Office of Emergency Management members from federal commercial driver’s licensing requirements

A-2610/S-2236 (Dancer, Burzichelli, Wagner, Eustace/Gordon, Beck) – Authorizes placement of horse racing wagers using mobile gaming devices at in-State racetracks subject to commission rules and regulations

Christie signs pending legislation