Creative Hacker Attaches Clue to Cat and Waits for Lulz

Think different.

(Photo: Veterinary Practice News)
(Photo: Veterinary Practice News)

A clever hacker has dispatched Japan’s National Police Agency on a fruitless chase to find him after he sent emails from various computers that included bomb threats against elementary schools. According to Wired, the agency has released a bounty of 3 million Yen (about $34,000) for the capture of the anonymous hacker, who has evaded them for months by sending the threatening messages using a computer virus that allows him to control terminals remotely.

Said hacker’s latest mic drop moment? Attaching a memory card to the collar of a stray cat because that’s just how hard he balls.

The hacker has been sending clues and quizzes to journalists across the country, engaging them in a cat-and-mouse game (heh) to track down his whereabouts. Police obtained a set of email clues on Saturday and used them to determine the location of the felonious feline. The memory card reportedly contains special information regarding iesys.exe, the virus the hacker has used to remotely control computers and send the threats without fear of his location being uncovered.

We eagerly await the indie film that will immortalize this convergence of all things Internet–starring perennial investor Ashton Kutcher as the cat, natch. Creative Hacker Attaches Clue to Cat and Waits for Lulz