Cryan wants firearms purchasers to undergo mental health screening

TRENTON – Legislation introduced this week would require that people seeking to buy guns undergo mental health screening.

Assemblyman Joe Cryan, (D-20), Union, introduced A3667 in response to the shootings in Newtown, Conn.

“Newtown was a true eye opener for us,” said Cryan in a release.  “Based on what we know about the alleged shooter at this point, mental health may have played a key factor in this tragedy.  And this appears to be a common thread in many of the mass shootings we’ve seen in recent years.”

Earlier today, Gov. Chris Christie also indicated that mental health issues have to be considered somehow in the aftermath of the shootings, and that just placing armed guards at schools is not in and of itself an answer.

Under Cryan’s bill, a firearms purchaser would have to pass a mental health screening administered by a medical doctor or licensed psychiatrist. 

The screening process would be developed by the superintendent of the State Police in consultation with the commissioner of Human Services.

“If law enforcement officers are required to undergo psychological testing in order to carry a firearm and hold their position, why shouldn’t civilians as well?” Cryan said.


Cryan wants firearms purchasers to undergo mental health screening