‘Danza Did It’: Finally, a Kickstarter as Confused as Its Subject



If you love throwing money at vaguely worded, half-baked Internet “performance art projects” as much as you love Who’s the Boss, do we have a Kickstarter for you! Meet Louis Crisitello Jr. and Hugo Ball, the creators of the $2,100 fund-raising campaign for something called “Danza Did It.”

We’ll let them explain:

The idea behind “Danza Did It” is to present a performance art project that will originate online and hopefully manifest itself in the real world.  It is an interdisciplinary work. I view it as an odd melding of pop culture overkill and avant-garde experimentalism. The overall project will look to examine the artistic value of internet memes and track its growth as it becomes more widely accepted by the mainstream.
As you are aware, Tony Danza is a man of many talents: actor, teacher, tap dancer, boxer, etc. (just to name a few). Just like the idiom “Jumping the Shark” was coined online by a man named Jon Hein, it is my goal to have the phrase “Danza did it” trickle into the everyday lexicon of society. Tony Danza represents someone who has done nearly everything.  Hence the meaning of “Danza did it” as an expression of “It’s be done before.”
 Still confused? Don’t be … this Kickstarter video should help explain what you’ll be funding:

Also, it will be a documentary podcast thing that has a liminal relationship to Tony Danza:

It is our ambition to conduct a series of revealing interviews with celebrities, politicians, artists, and everyday Americans who have been at the center of a media storm and have had their names plastered in headlines throughout the world. As avid fans of documentary film, we are originating the term “Documentary Podcasting.” We are observing the exploitation of wanted and unwanted celebrity.

Finally, visitors to our website will have opportunities to submit original content and compete in prize-winning contests.

So wait, is Danza Did It itself an example of the exploitation of wanted or unwanted celebrity? What kind of Danza-Jörmungandr are we looking at here? We might never know … unless you cough up the other $1,864 in the next 12 days.

If you are reticent about parting with hard-earned money, Mr. Crisitello is offers up a transparent plan detailing how your contributions will support Danza Does It:

A portion of our funds will first go to pay for and fulfill our Kickstarter rewards. In addition, we need to purchase some quality audio equipment for our podcast as well as ancillary software and hardware. Lastly, we need to purchase select art supplies to bring some of our eccentric Tony Danza related ideas to fruition. Though we plan on finding followers via word of mouth, a small portion of funding will go towards our marketing efforts. Any additional or excess donations will be put to use for the planning and implementation of our Tony Danza-themed “ExtravaDanza Convention” that we hope to make a reality.

So what will some of these Kickstarter rewards look like? Well, for only $250, you can get a promise for tickets to a convention “when and if it happens,” as well as a Photoshopped picture of you hanging out with the Danza. But that’s not all!
We swear to God, if this turns out to a fund-raiser for Tony Danza’s mayoral bid, we will consider pledging at least 10 dollars. We just hope Danza didn’t do it first!

‘Danza Did It’: Finally, a Kickstarter as Confused as Its Subject