Dems on offense pre-State of the State address

TRENTON – Senate Democrats went on the offensive Monday, a day ahead of Gov. Chris Christie’s State of the State address.

During a press conference, Democratic leaders highlighted what they say are failures of the governor to address the state’s foreclosure crisis, as well as fighting for the uninsured in the state, and for women’s issues.

Senate President Steve Sweeney said Christie will focus on super storm Sandy during his annual address Tuesday, but urged residents to not forget about the “true state of the state.”

“Tomorrow, the governor is going to try to convince everyone the sun’s shining when it’s raining,” said Sweeney, a rumored gubernatorial candidate.

“The governor ran for office attacking (Gov. Jon) Corzine on the unemployment rate,” Sweeney said. “Well, the unemployment rate is now as high as when he ran for office.”

Sweeney called Christie’s job package “a natural disaster,” and called attention to how New Jersey’s unemployment rate reached nearly 10 percent in August.

“Governor, the slate is not wiped clean,” Sweeney said. “It is time to work with us and move forward, and fix this place.”


Dems on offense pre-State of the State address