Doherty: Towns can keep red light cameras, but not ticket revenue

TRENTON – An outspoken critic of New Jersey’s red light cameras is proposing a measure that would force towns to redirect ticket revenues from them to the state’s Highway Safety Fund.

Sen. Mike Doherty, (R-23), Washington Township, announced Friday his plan to introduce legislation that would prohibit municipalities from receiving any revenues from the distribution of red light camera tickets.

The proposal challenges claims by mayors and other local officials who have said red light cameras have been installed for motorists’ safety, he said.

“This legislation allows towns to keep the cameras that local officials say make their intersections safer, but not the ticket revenues their cameras generate,” Doherty said in a statement.

“Every mayor and local official who is on record saying cameras are about safety, not money, should support this bill,” he said. “If they don’t, it will prove their previous support of cameras under the guise of safety was fraudulent. Reporters who previously interviewed local officials who made such claims should go back and ask those same officials if they support this bill.”

The Highway Safety Fund is used exclusively for highway safety projects and programs, including education, enforcement, capital improvements and other related measures as the Department of Transportation and the Division of State Police may deem appropriate to foster highway safety.

Doherty has been an outspoken critic of the red light camera program and previously introduced legislation that would ban the cameras in the state.


Doherty: Towns can keep red light cameras, but not ticket revenue