Everyone’s Favorite Parlor Game Gets a Web Series (Video)

Wed, Bed, Dead (The Gloss)

Wed, Bed, Dead. (The Gloss)

For as long as we can remember, the best game during sleepovers/on late-night drug binges/in girly blogs has been Fuck/Marry/Kill. If you are unaware of how the rules work, they’re pretty simple: you pick three people who share a similar Venn Diagram overlap (such as Disney princes, former prime ministers or Scientologist movie stars) and then go around in a circle announcing which of the individuals you would sleep with, marry or kill. One fate for each person, and no overlapping. So you can’t marry two people, nor can you opt out of killing one of them.

Fun, right? And now the game has been taken to a new level by Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff of TheGloss.com, who have made a web series off the same concept with a slightly less blue name: Wed, Bed, or Dead. And guess what? It’s the Fashion Week edition!

Personally, we would not marry Karl Lagerfeld, no matter how many gay marriages he approves through a runway statement, or how many Scrooge McDuck pools of gold he gives to charity. Though Tom Ford is the obvious choice to sleep with, right? So, we guess we’d marry Ralph Lauren and kill Lagerfeld? Or the other way around. Either way, fun game, right? Now you go!

Everyone’s Favorite Parlor Game Gets a Web Series (Video)