Exclusive: Jim Dolan’s Secret Carmelo Anthony Tapes Revealed

Carmelo_Anthony_March_2012During last Friday’s Knicks game against the Bulls, owner Jim Dolan ordered audio technicians to secretly tape the forward’s every word, NJ.com reported. Mr. Dolan requested that Mr. Anthony’s every word on the court and on the bench be recorded and sent to him.

The secret directive comes after Mr. Anthony was suspended for getting in a fight with Celtic Kevin Garnett after the Boston player allegedly insulted Mr. Anthony’s wife during a January 7 game at the Garden.

But what could the tapes have yielded? Well, The Observer has obtained the exclusive tapes. Carmelo Anthony: just like us!

Here are some snippets:

  • “Yo, did you know that A.J. Daulerio and Cat Marnell are a thing? How did I miss that? What’s A.J.’s gonna do next…. I mean, where do you go after you quit Gawker, right?”
  • “I’m not sure about this season of Girls. I saw the first episode on the screener and I mean, did it seem kinda sitcom-y to you? But I think I like the new Marnie. She’s vulnerable, y’know. The real question is why do they hang out with Shoshanna? I mean. She uses emojis. Emojis! Who puts up with that shit?”
  • “I wonder what Lena’s gonna wear at the Globes. Gotta hand it to her. Girl can work a red carpet.”
  • “How much do you think I could get for a memoir/dating advice book? Lena got 3.7 mil. That’s baller money.”
  • “Who do you think is gonna take the Times buyout? The clock is ticking…”
  • “I’m think I’m just gonna stick to Twitter fights. That’s the future, man. Twitter’s for talking shit. The court’s for killin’ it. And you can’t get suspended for that, right? As long as Margaret Sullivan doesn’t get involved.”
  • “Why don’t we have any of those hand-brined pickles from Brooklyn at the Garden. The Nets get all the perks, man.”
  • “Maybe I’m late on this, but did you see that Modern Seinfeld Twitter feed?”
Exclusive: Jim Dolan’s Secret Carmelo Anthony Tapes Revealed