Booting Up: Kim Dotcom Is Back, Baby

Mr. Dotcom. (commons.wikimedia.orgAndreas_Bohnenstengel)

Mr. Dotcom.(

Kim Dotcom’s new service, Mega, will offer users a whopping 50GB of free storage. [TNW]

Welcome to the age of the cyber arms race, folks. An Air Force official recently informed reporters that, having been caught unprepared by Stuxnet, Iran has beefed up its cyber arsenal and will soon be a “force to be reckoned with.” [Reuters]

You can now turn your Facebook data into a 3D-printed tchotchke. [Wired]

Hey iPhone users: You can make voice calls from within your Facebook Messenger app. Provided, of course, you actually use Facebook Messenger, as opposed to communicating wholly through Snapchats. [New York Times]

It seems that for all the talk of sharp-elbowed recruiting techniques in the tech world, a couple of companies–including Apple and Google–once had a gentlemen’s agreement not to poach. That’s now coming back to potentially bite them in the butt, in the form of a possible class-action lawsuit. [Reuters]

Booting Up: Kim Dotcom Is Back, Baby