Fox Anchor Says Bill de Blasio Has 'Special Power to Silence Viewpoints'

Megyn  Kelly (Photo: Getty)

Megyn Kelly (Photo: Getty)

According to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Bill de Blasio has a special power, and it’s not his son’s afro.

Mr. de Blasio, the city’s public advocate and recently-announced mayoral candidate, faced a barrage of criticism from Ms. Kelly over his position that New York City should divest its pension funds from the gun industry. Needless to say, the host viewed Mr. de Blasio’s advocacy in rather authoritarian terms.

“Why not go out there and say, ‘World, this is how I feel,'” she inquired. “Why go to a law-abiding company that employs thousands of American citizens and say, ‘You’re blacklisted. You’re done, no relation should be had with you  because I don’t happen to like the right you’re exercising.”

While expressing some incredulity that Mr. de Blasio’s job position even exists, Ms. Kelly went on to argue that Mr. de Blasio’s has “special power” as an elected official to “silence viewpoints” and affect public behavior. This could be inverted, she explained, to advocate for conservative preferences too.

“Bill de Blasio, public advocate–that’s a thing we have in New York. He’s an elected official. Public Advocate. You can say whatever you want, but once you blanket yourself in state authority, it takes on a new meaning,” she explained. “It gives you more power. It gives you this special power to silence viewpoints and cause people to behave in a way that they might not  otherwise want to behave. And there’s a question as to whether it’s abusive. I mean, what if you had a politician who was targeting women who obtained legal abortions and tried to say to their landlords, ‘You’re allowed to rent to them. But they had abortions. We’d really strongly discourage you from renting to a woman who had an abortion.'”

In response, Mr. de Blasio skipped the philosophical argument and simply said there is a context surrounding the gun industry makes divestment a particularly appealing option.

“There’s no parallel. I’ll to you why. We’re talking about an industry, a huge powerful industry, the single most powerful lobby. The single most powerful lobby in the country. It is funded by the gun industry,” he countered. “The industry and the N.R.A. are inseparable. They’re stopping legislation that the majority of Americans want. If I don’t speak up as a public official, if I don’t use my power to break that logjam, there’s something wrong with me. I’m obligated to fight for the people this way.”

Ms. Kelly, however, warned Mr. de Blasio again about the “slippery slope” his logic would travel down should Republicans take control of New York City.

“What happens if we have a Republican mayor, right?” she asked. “[He] comes out and says, ‘Well, I’m very pro-life and those are babies who are killed and I’m just doing what I can to protect the lives of those unborn babies.’ You see the dangers? The slippery slope that you put us down by down by using the blanket of government to sort of impose your viewpoint on law-abiding citizens?”

Mr. de Blasio said he appreciated “the attempt at a parallel” and proceeded to again stress the dangers of the gun industry.

Watch a video of their interaction below:

Fox Anchor Says Bill de Blasio Has 'Special Power to Silence Viewpoints'