Girls Gets Renewed for 3rd Season, for a Second Time

Girls: Forever! (HBO)

Girls: Forever! (HBO)

Today, HBO announced that Girls has been picked up for a third season, bragging in its press release that the premiere of the second season “already exceeds a gross audience of 3.8 million viewers with only partial data available.”
Good news for Lena Dunham and her crew, right? Well, not exactly, as calling this information “news” is itself a misnomer.

See, executive producer Judd Apatow told reporters about the third-season pick-up of the buzz-worthy show months before the second one even started, a rare move for a network that plays such information close to the vest. Still, HBO teased the news, responding to Apatow’s remarks by saying, “We’re looking forward to the launch of Season 2 and hope to have good news shortly thereafter.”

Now that it has the numbers to back it up and has waited the appropriate amount of time to give the impression that this deal wasn’t set in stone based on the 10 episodes of the first season (not to mention the two nice new golden orbs the show brought in), HBO has given its blessing to the third season of Girls, officially. The third season will include 12 episodes of what we can only imagine to be a delightful excursion into the world of Hannah Horvath ’n’ Frenemies ’n’ Weird (Elijah and Marnie) Sex.

<em>Girls</em> Gets Renewed for 3rd Season, for a Second Time