Booting Up: Sean Parker Is Now a Daddy


Congrats to Napster cofounder and former Facebook president Sean Parker, who is now a proud papa. Earlier this week he and his fiancee welcomed a little girl named Winter Victoria Parker into the world. [US Weekly]

Google’s having a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg today–so of course everyone wants to know whether we’ll be getting Google Fiber. (Pretty please!) And the company is hiring a New York sales rep. [Business Insider]

Eric Schmidt isn’t the only Silicon Valley denizen venturing abroad this week. Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently ambling across China, meeting with the U.S. ambassador and other high-and-mighties. [TNW]

Several companies, including Logitech, have teamed up to create an “Internet of Things Consortium.” Righto. [TechCrunch]

Do you share a Netflix account with five other family members? Soon you’ll all be able to have your very own personalized profile–and here’s what it might look like. [GigaOm]

Myspace Tom went to Hawaii; ain’t you jealous? [Daily Dot] Booting Up: Sean Parker Is Now a Daddy