Aw, We Think GQ Really Hurt Reed Hastings’s Feelings

It'll be okay!

(Screencap: Facebook)

(Screencap: Facebook)

GQ just published an in-depth feature on Reed Hastings, the endearingly gaffe-prone (RIP Qwikster) Netflix CEO. With a slew of original programming coming to the platform–including a new Netflix exclusive season of Arrested Development–Mr. Hastings is working diligently to turn the video streaming service into a true HBO competitor.

That’s all well and good, but Mr. Hastings has other worries on his mind: mainly, why did GQ scrap his photo spread? (No doubt the shoot would’ve given the Terry Richardson-Beyonce collab a run for its money.)

“When GQ does a feature on you, but they cut the photos of you, is that a message?” lamented the modest CEO on Facebook.

Luckily, storied venture capitalist Marc Andreessen had a similar tale to help comfort Mr. Hastings.

“I once had a GQ photographer talk me into a photo where I was wearing a Netscape company T-shirt backwards,” he commented. “Then they made fun of me in the article for being unfashionable.”

“So I just switched to getting all my fashion tips from PC Magazine,” Mr. Andreessen continued.

At least Mr. Andreessen and Mr. Hastings can comfort themselves with the fact that they’re both bajillionaires. Aw, We Think GQ Really Hurt Reed Hastings’s Feelings