Here Are the Exhibitors for Art Cologne and NADA Cologne 2013

View of The Museum Ludwig and Cologne Cathedral. (Photo: Koelnmesse)

View of the Museum Ludwig and Cologne Cathedral. (Courtesy Koelnmesse)

Well, it’s getting around that time of year again where everybody throws a bajillion art fairs and everybody else has to go to them. Art Cologne, which runs April 19–22, returns this year for its 47th edition. (Art Brussels will happen at the same time, running April 18–21.) Once again, the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), will be partnering with Art Cologne, having its own separate section inside the fair. Some newcomers to the fair this time around include Marlborough Contemporary from London and New York’s David Nolan Gallery. A full list of exhibitors is below. See you in Germany!

Art Cologne

1301PE, United States

Akinci, The Netherlands

Helga de Alvear, Spain

Mikael Andersen, Germany

Paul Andriesse, The Netherlands

Artelier, Austria

Martin Asbaek, Denmark

Base, Japan

Guido W. Baudach, Germany

Beck & Eggeling, Germany

Klaus Benden, Germany

Berinson, Germany

Bo Bjerggaard, Denmark

Boisserée, Germany

BQ, Germany

Ben Brown Fine Arts, United Kingdom

Daniel Buchholz, Germany

Buchmann, Germany

Bugdahn und Kaimer, Germany

Luis Campana, Germany

Gisela Capitain, Germany

Carlier I Gebauer, Germany

CONRADS, Germany

Cosar HMT, Germany

Alan Cristea, United Kingdom

DEWEER, Belgium

Dierking, Germany

Dirimart, Turkey

EIGEN + ART, Germany

espaivisor – Galeria Visor, Spain

Fahnemann, Germany

fiebach, minninger, Germany

Figge von Rosen, Germany

Konrad Fischer, Germany

Fischer Kunsthandel, Germany

Fitzroy, United States

Forsblom, Denmark

MaxWeberSixFriedrich, Germany

Klaus Gerrit Friese, Germany

Hilario Galguera, Mexico

Bärbel Grässlin, Germany

Karsten Greve, Germany

Barbara Gross, Germany

Haas, Germany

Habana, Cuba

Häusler Contemporary, Germany

Hammelehle und Ahrens, Germany

Reinhard Hauff, Germany

Hauser & Wirth, United States

Jochen Hempel, Germany

Henze & Ketterer, Switzerland

Ernst Hilger, Austria

hoffmann, Germany

Heinz Holtmann, Germany

Akira Ikeda, Japan

Ingleby, United Kingdom

Fred Jahn, Germany

Jaski, The Netherlands

Annely Juda Fine Art, United Kingdom

Kalfayan, Greece

mike karstens, Germany

Helga Maria Klosterfelde, Germany

Martin Klosterfelde, Germany

Bernd Klüser, Germany

Sabine Knust, Germany

Koch, Germany

Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen, Germany

Leo Koenig, United States

Christine König, Austria

Johann König, Germany

Konzett, Austria

Krinzinger, Austria

Krobath, Germany

Bernd Kugler, Austria

L.A. Galerie, Germany

Lahumière, France

Gebr. Lehmann, Germany

Levy, Germany

Löhrl, Germany

Ludorff, Germany

Maior, Spain

Giò Marconi, Italy

Marlborough Contemporary, United Kingdom

Maulberger, Germany

Hans Mayer, Germany

mirko mayer/m-projects, Germany

Hubertus Melsheimer, Germany

Moderne Silkeborg, Denmark

Moeller Fine Art, United States

Mark Müller, Switzerland

Vera Munro, Germany

Nächst St. Stephan, Austria

Christian Nagel, Germany

Neu, Germany

David Nolan, United States

Georg Nothelfer, Germany

Alexander Ochs, Germany

Onrust, The Netherlands

Oriol, Spain

Paradise Garage, United States

Rupert Pfab, Germany

Karl Pfefferle, Germany

Guy Pieters, Belgium

Produzentengalerie, Germany

Thomas Rehbein, Germany

Remmert und Barth, Rieder, Germany

Margarete Roeder, United States

Thaddaeus Ropac, Austria

Ruperl, Austria

Salis & Vertes, Austria

Samuelis Baumgarte, Germany

Scheffel, Germany

Aurel Scheibler, Germany

Schlichtenmaier, Germany

Schmidt Maczollek, Germany

Schönewald Fine Arts, Germany

Schwarzer, Germany

Sies + Höke, Germany

Simonis, Germany

Slewe, The Netherlands

Sprüth Magers, Germany

Staeck, Germany

Walter Storms, Germany

Hans Strelow, Germany

Florian Sundheimer, Germany

taguchi fine art, Japan

Tanit, Germany

Suzanne Tarasiève, France

Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Austria

Thomas, Germany

Barbara Thumm, Germany

Wilma Tolksdorf, Germany

Utermann, Germany

Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen, Italy

Axel Vervoordt, Belgium

edith wahlandt, Germany

Fons Welters, The Netherlands

Wentrup, Germany

Michael Werner, Germany

Wetterling, Sweden

Jocelyn Wolff, France

Suzanne Zander, Germany

Thomas Zander, Germany

Zink, Germany

David Zwirner, United States

New Contemporaries

Aanant & Zoo, Germany

Ancient & Modern, United Kingdom

Catherine Bastide, Belgium

Sebastian Brandl, Germany


Carbon 12, United Arab Emirates

Marta Cervera, Spain

CLAGES, Germany

Corbett vs. Dempsey, United States

Grieder Contemporary, Switzerland

Kadel Wilborn, Germany

KIMMERICH, United States

KLEMM’s, Germany

KOW, Germany

Laden fuer Nichts, Germany

Lange + Pult, Switzerland

Christian Lethert, Germany

LUCE, Italy

Linn Lühn, Germany

Lullin + Ferrari, Switzerland

Lüttgenmeijer, Germany

Max Mayer, Germany

Tobias Naehring, Germany

Peres Projects, Germany

PSM, Germany


Petra Rinck, Germany

Rokeby, United Kingdom

Rotwand, Switzerland

Marion Scharmann, Germany

Schleicher + Lange, Germany

Société, Germany

Sommer & Kohl, Germany

Soy Capitan, Germany

Jacky Strenz, Germany

V1 FINLAND, Denmark

VAN HORN, Germany



Alden Projects, United States

Peter Amby, Denmark

Bischoff Projects, Germany

Blank Projects, South Africa

Blanket, Germany

Brennan & Griffin, United States

Shane Campbell, United States

CANADA, United States

DREI, Germany

Derek Eller, United States

Jack Hanley, United States

The International 3, United Kingdom

Emanuel Layr, Austria

Josh Lilley, United Kingdom

M29 Richter.Brückner, Germany

Martos, United States

Neon Parc, Australia

Power, Germany

Schmidt & Handrup, Germany

SVIT, Czech Republic

Warhus Rittershaus, Germany Here Are the Exhibitors for Art Cologne and NADA Cologne 2013