Here’s How You Get Your iPhone Returned [Video]

How to catch an iPhone predator (ABC News)

How to catch an iPhone predator. (ABC News)

With apps like Find My iPhone now built into most Mac products–and the NYPD is on it!–it’s still difficult to, well, find one’s iPhone, especially if it’s been stolen. That’s why one canny victim, Nadal Nirenberg, found a new way to find his phone, lost on New Year’s Eve … by posing as a woman on a online dating site.

When he saw his OKCupid profile being used by the suspect through his former iPhone 4, Mr. Nirenberg played his own game of To Catch a Predator, by hitting on his online avatar, pretending to be a sexy woman.

According to ABC News:

“My best version of talking as a girl as a flirty girl, I should say, is adding winky face emoticons,” Nirenberg said.

The mark took the bait, writing: “U wanna meet?”

When Nirenberg said he did, the target, thinking he was communicating with a buxom beauty, asked, “Will you kiss me?”

Nirenberg coyly responded, “Well … I don’t have a boyfriend.”

They made a plan to meet up at Nirenberg’s Brooklyn apartment for a date.

Sounds dicey. As all women know, you NEVER invite a strange dude you meet on the Internet to your place on the first date. But Nirenberg was prepared.

The man with Nirenberg’s iPhone showed up in a nice jacket, smelling of cologne, and had a bottle of wine, Nirenberg said.

“I followed him up the stairs and he turns around and, basically, I confront him right here,” Nirenberg said. “I put the $20 in his hand to defuse the situation as fast as possible, but I had a hammer in my hand just in case.”

A hammer? Luckily, the guy returned the iPhone. But as this news footage makes clear, this is NOT something to try at home. (Or apartment.)

Here’s How You Get Your iPhone Returned [Video]