HuffPo Takes Us Inside Brian Stelter and Jamie Shupak’s ‘Lovenest’

Photo credit: Huffington Post.
Photo credit: Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post Home vertical took us inside the magical, DIY home of everyone’s favorite media couple–New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter and NY1’s traffic reporter Jamie Shupak.

When Michelle Manetti, HuffPo Home’s associate editor, first met Ms. Shupak at a crafting event (side note: what’s a “crafting event”?), she was told that the traffic reporter had an amazing way with the home crafts. But she had to see it to believe it. And a tour of the West Village apartment that Ms. Shupak shares with Mr. Stelter convinced her. Ms. Manetti’s 18 picture slideshow convinced us that…um, they have a very nice place, thanks to Ms. Shupak’s craftiness and Mr. Stelter’s “trusting” personality.

“It also doesn’t hurt that Shupak pretty much has free rein over the decorative decisions. When the couple first moved in to the space right after Labor Day, the few items Stelter kept with him included his televisions, computer chair and the dinning room table,” Ms. Manetti wrote. “But even the table was turned into a project when Shupak decided to buy new legs and install them herself. ‘He is so, so trusting,’ Shupak gushes.”

So what tidbits did we learn about the Stelter/Shupak household?

  • They live in a nice building with an actual lobby: “As we walked through the amazing lobby, which had all those great old New York City details (deep jewel-toned colors, classic traditional furniture and flattering lighting) we wondered if the home would retain the same appeal.”
  • They have a bedroom: “The loft apartment allows for adequate sleeping space.”
  • Their office desk was “originally from a medical institution.” (The caption fails to note what type of institution).
  • They blew up and framed iPhone photos.
  • Ms. Shupak’s grandmother’s perfume tray makes for a nice candle and terrarium holder.
  • They have a chalkboard-painted wall where they scribble hastags (can’t take that guy off Twitter, can you?).
  • They found a construction sign on their first date.
  • The living room is “bright, airy and funky.”
  • Judging from a three quarter empty bottle on their liquor stand, their scotch of choice is Johnny Walker Black.
  • An artistic rendering of the subway map was bought in honor of Ms. Shupak’s job as a traffic reporter.
  • Ms. Shupak saw a crazy expensive lamp at ABC carpets and made one herself for way less money out of plumbing supplies.
  • They called their apartment “The Lovenest” in a chalk welcome to HuffPo.
  • They have roof access!

And now, home decor mostly accomplished, they are ready to turn their attention to entertaining: “Though [Ms.] Shupak still has a desire to be creative while most of their home is complete, the two are now focusing on hosting fabulous dinner parties.”

We await the post on their DIY hors d’oeuvres. HuffPo Takes Us Inside Brian Stelter and Jamie Shupak’s ‘Lovenest’