In Hong Kong and Singapore, iPhones Are So 2010

Overexposure is deadly.

Zooey Deschanel iphone

Cool no more?!

Could it be that after all these years as a must-have device, the iPhone is losing some of its luster? Reuters claims that consumers in Hong Kong and Singapore are beginning to ditch their bright, shiny Apples for smartphones made by Samsung and even (gasp!) HTC.

Dear oh dear.

Reuters bases this conclusion on information from StatCounter, which “measures traffic collected across a network of 3 million websites.” So we’re not exactly talking official sales numbers broken out by region. StatCounter says Apple’s share of the mobile market in Singapore has dropped from 72 percent a year ago to 50 percent today. Android’s up from 20 to 43 percent. In Hong Kong, it’s dropped from 45 to 30 percent.

Oh, but there’s anecdotal evidence, too. Says Reuters:

“IPhones are like Louis Vuitton handbags,” said marketing manager Narisara Konglua in Bangkok, who uses a Galaxy SIII. “It’s become so commonplace to see people with iPads and iPhones so you lose your cool edge having one.”

Guess you might as well just pack it in now, Tim Cook.

In Hong Kong and Singapore, iPhones Are So 2010